Carr Auto Group - Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty Testimonial

We see people being more willing to be flexible on price, on their trade and anything else on their deal because of the value we provide with the Lifetime Warranty. This has been a double win for us in terms of volume increases as well as improving gross

When we said “let’s go for it” Binary brought a whole team in and they went through every dealership with every employee, every sales person, every service person to make sure we understood the program, the why and the how. We could not have had a better launch of a product than what we did with Binary. There’s probably not a better program out there.

Brad Preble, President
Carr Auto Group

Metroplex CDJR - Testimonials

Some of the great things Binary does is they provide all of their marketing packages so everything is turn-key. Binary does a great job of doing things that no other company does, which is bring in a product and map it to what we’re looking to do.

The kick off was amazing. It was really impressive to see that many people from a company participating in the launch. We’ve gone from selling a few cars a month to 200 a month in a short time. We’ve also  seen a nice increase in warranty penetration since launching the Lifetime Warranty program.

Paul Fillmore, General Manager
Metroplex Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat

Elmore Toyota Limited Powertrain Warranty - Testimonials

It’s a game changer and has set Elmore Toyota apart from our competition. The Binary program has by far exceeded our expectations.

We’ve been here for 50 years now and Binary’s Lifetime Warranty program really sets us apart and gives our sales people an extra tool in their tool belt to help them sell more cars. This program really brands Elmore as the dealership that gives the customer more.

David McHowell, General Manager
Elmore Toyota

“Our Lifetime Warranty, with Binary, has given us a competitive advantage over our competition and has assisted us in becoming one of the top selling Chrysler dealerships in the Denver Business Center.

The marketing materials and support they provide has helped us deliver a clear and consistent message. It’s truly helped us get to the next level to our sales goals!”

Joe Sexton, Owner
Brandl Motors

“We made the decision to center the marketing around Warranty Protection for Life at Sunset Chevrolet nearly six years ago. To say this has been a good move, would be an extreme understatement.

Not only have we been Washington State’s #1 Volume Chevrolet dealership every single year since but I do not recall losing a “retail sales” month to another Chevy dealership since 2012. If you are interested in selling more automobiles, earning greater gross profits, and retaining both customers and employees for life, I would give this program and Binary Automotive Solutions serious consideration. Both have my highest recommendation.”

Phil Mitchell, Owner 

Sunset Auto Family

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