We don’t just design dealer-branded certification and maintenance programs, we are the full-service partner for any and all dealership needs, and we never stop thinking about the future. As the automotive industry changes and evolves, so does Binary Automotive Solutions.


Game Changing Sales and F&I Packages

Sales and F&I packages you get from Binary Automotive Solutions are industry leading, game changing products. You will see an almost immediate increase in sales, retention and the growth of your dealership brand with the complete series of products and programs we deliver.

Sales Support – Second to None

No one else provides the level of sales and marketing materials Binary Automotive Solutions does. More importantly, no one but Binary offers them to you at no cost. We will help your dealership stand out with a distinctive brand that truly means something to your customers.

Service, Maintenance & Retention Programs

Develop lasting relationships with customers and always be able to exceed expectations with the superior service & maintenance products and customer retention programs designed by Binary.

Delivering Higher Profits & Happier Customers to
Auto Dealerships across the United States.