Binary Automotive Solutions delivers variety of dealer-branded materials to make sure that anyone who visits your dealership will remember you for a long time to come and for a variety of sales and services options..

Our graphic design department is available to work with you to create customized materials to fit your marketing needs. Here are a few examples of the high-quality marketing and sales materials Binary Automotive Solutions provides your dealership:

Software Integration and Limited Warranty Fulfillment

When you utilize one of our programs, we automatically position your dealership or dealer group to link directly to our web server to provide a state-of-the-art information interface that your employees can easily access on your dealership’s computer system. You can review data, print materials and track productivity.

As part of the Dealer-Branded Certification program, we provide you the ability to print Monroney window stickers and FTC Buyers Guides, as needed.

In addition, Binary Automotive Solutions mails your customers their Limited Warranty package using a state-of-the-art, electronic fulfillment system with DMS Integration. We can integrate with virtually any dealership computer system.

Dealer Marketing Videos

Binary Automotive Solutions also provides high-quality, program-specific videos that can be played on closed-circuit dealership televisions and also on the dealership’s website.