Owain Stevens


Field Operations/Sales Manager

Owain Stevens has only worked for Binary Automotive Solutions since 2010, but his friendship with owner James Binkley began 14 years earlier, when both men worked for Pat Ryan and Associates.

That friendship, and his appreciation and respect for Binkley’s automotive acumen, paved the way for Stevens to join the Binary Automotive Solutions team as Field Operations and Sales Manager.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else out there with the host of programs and the ability to tailor make the programs to a dealer’s individual needs,” says Stevens, whose grandfather was a steam engine engineer and his father and mother both worked for General Motors in the United Kingdom. Stevens got his start in the industry at 16.

“I’ve worked on motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats. Pretty much anything with wheels, I’ve had a hand in it somewhere along the line,” he says. “At the end of the day, I’m a car guy. That’s all I’ve ever known. It’s all I will ever know. It’s all I want to do.”
Stevens, who hails from England, but has called the United States home since 1994, is responsible for servicing all of Binary Automotive Solutions’ accounts, working with sales agents to sign up new dealerships and helping promote the various programs that Binkley has designed.

“We don’t do cookie cutter programs. We build certification programs and customer retention programs tailor made to the dealership’s requirements and using their artwork. We make the program look like it belongs to that dealership. It won’t be seen anywhere else.”
Stevens’ lifetime of experience – he’s worked for Lotus, Honda, Ford and others – is invaluable to Binary Automotive Solutions’ ability to pinpoint specific programs that can help a dealership improve sales, maximize customer retention and realize profits that they may have not known about previously.

“We can look at their retention numbers. We can look at their profit per unit. We know what the market is around them. We know from having so many stores under our belt what sort of numbers they should be producing. When we go in and look at what they’re actually doing, we can figure out ‘This store can benefit from this program.’ ”

Binary Automotive Solutions’ slate of retention, service and certification programs may look complex on paper, but they are very simple in practice from a dealer standpoint.

“We get some wide eyes, like ‘Wow, these guys have done their homework, I didn’t realize this or realize that,’” Stevens says. “We sell the program and let them know we can help them. The proof of whether we’ve put the right program in is whether we’re successful or not. We don’t have any unsuccessful stores that are currently using our program.”