A History of Delivering
Industry Innovation

Binary Automotive Solutions was founded in 2005 by James Binkley, a leading automotive industry innovator with more than 25 years of experience designing warranty programs, integrating software for dealerships and producing marketing materials.

Binkley takes Dale Carnegie course in Human Relations & Public Speaking.
He begins an extensive relationship with the company, returning as a graduate assistant, then instructor.

James Binkley earns degrees in Automotive Services and Automotive & Heavy Equipment. Binkley works for Ford in Indianapolis as Owner Relations Analyst, Service Zone Manager & Metro Service Zone Manager.

Binkley gets first experience working with finance and insurance systems, and completely spearheads a pilot program for software integration.

Binkley takes first step into forms and commercial printing with Uarco, Inc., working with Ford Motor Company as an account representative.

Binkley joins Pat Ryan & Associates, the company that revolutionized
F & I programs in the auto industry. He creates first limited warranty program and oversees the pilot program launch.

Binkley establishes Binary Automotive Solutions, Inc. in Irving, Texas on June 5, 2005

Binary Automotive Solutions signs first account with Binkley designing the company’s first limited warranty program for an Arizona-based dealer group.

Binary Automotive Solutions now works with more than 60 agents across the U.S. Binary’s programs are being used by more than 200 dealerships in 34 states.

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