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Binary Automotive Solutions Partners with Cogent InCIghts to Bring Social Listening Benefits to Auto Dealerships

New offering provides deep social intelligence to deliver more insight into customer needs.

Bedford, TX — September 9, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized, dealer-branded marketing programs designed to drive sales, profits, growth, and retention, announced today they have partnered with the leading social intelligence agency, Cogent InCIghts, to bring social listening to dealerships across the country.

This new initiative will allow dealerships to “listen in” across all of their social media channels and aggregate the information in a way that offers actionable intelligence to improve marketing ROI and build customer loyalty. After analyzing online interactions, dealerships using social listening have access to the behaviors, needs, product pain points and more, of their client base.

“At Binary we know the importance of customer loyalty for driving long-term profits. Social listening will give dealerships more insight than ever before into what drives customers into their showroom and service bays,” said James E Binkley, Founder and CEO of Binary Automotive Solutions. “Through our new social listening partnership with Cogent InCIghts, dealerships can find where their customers are talking the most, the key words they are using to talk about their experience, and overall brand sentiment across social channels.  The data gathered can be as specific as which salesperson has the highest positive sentiment and which has the lowest.”

While the foundation of Binary Automotive Solutions is providing Lifetime Powertrain Warranty programs, the company takes a holistic approach to creating value for its dealership partners. Social listening will help dealerships better define their strengths, weaknesses, and competitive landscape. That knowledge is then used to market directly toward the customers most ready to buy with the end goal of building loyal customer advocates and a lifelong relationship with the dealership.

“We partnered with Binary Automotive Solutions to offer this product because, like us, they are customer-obsessed. This product can analyze millions of online conversations and bring back real, actionable data that can be used immediately to better every department and employee in the dealership. It’s a game-changer,” said Mike Magolnick, President, Cogent InCIghts.

To find out more about Binary Automotive Solution’s new social listening solution and their Lifetime Powertrain Warranty programs, please visit

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About Binary Automotive Solutions:

Binary Automotive Solutions is committed to providing an integrated, customized package of dealer-branded programs to help dealerships sell more vehicles, hold more gross and retain more customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your dealership or the location, we’re confident that our warranty, certification and maintenance programs, combined with our industry leading marketing and merchandising programs, can boost sales, increase retention, and help you maximize profits you didn’t even know were available. At our core, we strive every day to honor the beliefs of our founder, James E. Binkley, by never taking advantage of a client or offering a program to a dealership that takes advantage of a customer.

About Cogent InCIghts:

Cogent InCIghts is Social Listening company supported by Cogent Infotech. Cogent enables innovation and growth. The word cogent means clear, logical and convincing; and we are just that – a company that understands potential and provides clear and logical solutions to help our clients create and maintain an unfair competitive advantage.

Cogent is certainly in a class of its own with numerous accolades and an unprecedented 84% referral and 98% repeat business.

Cogent works across the business spectrum from small private businesses to large public companies, governments, and non-profit organizations. We make it our mission to provide value and exceed expectations.