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Binary Automotive Solutions Debuts Culture of Value Podcast to Tap Into Dealership Culture

BEDFORD, TX — Dec 2, 2020 — Binary Automotive Solutions, a leading provider of customized, dealer-branded marketing programs designed to drive sales, profits, growth, and retention, announced today they are debuting a new podcast this month, Culture of Value. The podcast will feature Binary Automotive Solution’s CMO, Troy Scheer, as host and will interview
leading executives on how they provide value for customers and employees across their organization.

“The Culture of Value podcast is a natural extension of the success we’ve seen from our partners who place value at the heart of their organization,” said David Adcock, Executive Vice President of Binary Automotive Solutions. “We’re going to give concrete examples and how-tos on how delivering value to employees and customers is essential when building a successful business.” Adcock will be the first guest on the program and will focus on how dealership management can establish a solid Plan B as the excitement and sales from summer fade and inventory supply returns to normal levels.

Future guests include marketing executives, dealership group owners sharing best practices, and notable value-based authors, among others. “We’re very excited to introduce a Culture of Value to the industry this month,” said Scheer. “Our guest lineup is fantastic and we’re going to be bringing hands-on strategies to our listeners to increase their profits and set their brand apart month after month. There will be insights that will help people build value across multiple facets of their lives.”

The Culture of Value podcast can be found on any of the leading streaming services, or listeners can visit to subscribe.

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About Binary Automotive Solutions:

Binary Automotive Solutions is committed to providing an integrated, customized package of dealer-branded programs to help dealerships sell more vehicles, hold more gross, and retain more customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your dealership or the location, we’re confident that our warranty, certification, and maintenance programs, combined with our industry-leading marketing and merchandising programs, can boost sales, increase retention, and help you maximize profits you didn’t even know were available. At our core, we strive every day to honor the beliefs of our founder, James E. Binkley, by never taking advantage of a client or offering a program to a dealership that takes advantage of a customer.


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