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Binary Automotive Solutions Hits A New Auto Industry Milestone
James Binkley’s Texas Start-Up Expands Its Reach, and Increases Its Success, by Staying
True To Its Beliefs.


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FLOWER MOUND, TX – There’s a saying in business that nice guys finish last. Thankfully, no one ever told James Binkley that he needed to sacrifice his personal beliefs to get ahead.

Binkley founded Binary Automotive Solutions in 2005 and began working with just one client. Eight years later, as of August 2014, Binkley’s company announced that it has expanded into 34 states, and is now working with more than 200 automotive dealerships nationwide.

“We’re a growing company,” Binkley said from his headquarters in Flower Mound, TX.

Binary Automotive Solutions has become an industry-leading developer and provider of custom-designed, private-label auto dealership certification and retention programs. In 2013, the company saw its sales volume increase 70 percent from the previous year, and Binkley expects revenues to grow by more than 40 percent in 2014.

The customized limited warranty and service retention programs that Binkley designs and Binary Automotive Solutions sells are different than any other product on the market. But what really sets the company apart is its steadfast adherence to Binkley’s ethical code of conducting business.

If the dealership commits to the program for a specified period, Binary Automotive Solutions doesn’t charge the dealership to install its programs at an auto dealership, and it never charges a product development fee to customize a warranty program to a dealer’s specifications. All the company asks is that a participating dealership give the program time to succeed.

“We’re committed to delivering a quality product and service at no upfront cost to the dealer, based on a relationship of trust,” Binkley says. “We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.”Often, that promise means a substantial upfront investment by Binary Automotive Solutions. Binkley said it’s not uncommon for his company to spend $5,000 or more out-of-pocket to install a warranty and/or service retention program at a participating dealership. In some cases, that upfront expense has reached $10,000, but Binkley refused to take any money before the program was launched.

“I do it because I know it will work,” he says. “I believe in it, and with the right partnership with the dealer, I know we can be successful.”

After eight years and a track record of proven results, Binary Automotive Solutions and James Binkley are proof that doing business doesn’t mean sacrificing one’s core values just to be successful. 

For more information about Binary Automotive Solutions and its catalog of certification, retention and warranty products, please visit the company online at, or call today at 888-883-8557.